Andrew has been called by the Lord to partner prophetically with Kingdom: businesses, ventures, movements, and leaders to strategically accelerate each one into the fulfillment of their kingdom purpose. Andrew is anointed with a prophetic and intercessory grace that brings blueprints and breakthroughs for maximizing victory and success.


Andrew speaks and ministers nationally and internationally at churches, conferences, youth revivals, prayer rallies, and prophetic gatherings. Andrew’s meetings are charged with God’s presence and fire. He is a revivalist anointed to ignite faith, awaken passion, encourage perseverance, and release prophetic and healing ministry.


As a former Prayer & Outreach Pastor, House of Prayer Director, District Manager, and Personal Trainer, Andrew has had many years of experience leading and training. He has equipped teams, ministries, and individuals into victorious breakthrough. Through an online course, he conducts unique and powerful spiritual boot-camps, purposed to equip believers with victorious theology, a fight mentality, and prophetic weaponry.

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